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diesel wood chipper machine

wood chipper machine is driven by the diesel engine, or gasoline engine, or the electirc motor. Its capacity is from 200kg/h to max 12t/h. It can process the waste wood or logs or branches into small chipper with thickness 2-5mm for further pelleting or briquetting or fuel. Wood chipper is different from the wood sawdust machine and wood shaving machine. All of them have the similar structure, but different inner design to make sure the final differnt product. Wood sawdust machine is mainly used to crush the wood into fine powder with diameter 1-3mm, while the wood shaving machine is mainly used for the poultry bedding, it can process the wood into shavings or wools, the shavings or wools is very soft and dry for the pet bedding. If you are interested in our wood processing machine, please contact me freely.   



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wood chipper machine

Wood chipper machine is one of wood processing machines, widely used in spinning, paper mill, shaving board factory, fiber board factory. Could cut the log, undersized log into even length, smooth cut, even depth chips. It consists of rack, cutter, feeding hole, cover and electronic or diesel engine system. wood chipper is a disc like wood chipping and crushing machine applied to chip wood logs with diameter of 50-250mm. The length of chips could be adjustable, in order to suit for different requirement. Its structure is compact and reasonable, easy operation and with high effective. 

it has disk or pan chipper machine, and the drum wood chipper machine.

diesel wood chipperwood chipping plant

log chipperdrum chipper site

wood sawdust machine

Wood sawdust machine is also wood crusher machine,  adopts the integrated function of knife cutting and high speed air current shocking as well as hitting grinding. Meanwhile,it can do the screening process of fine material. In the process of knife cutting,rotor can have high speed air current and moving along with the knife cutting,the material will be dual grinded in the hitting,so it can promote the grinding efficiency of material.

wood crusher is the special chipping/crushing equipment for raw wood of 50~300 mm (diameter) During the working process, the raw wood will be chipped, recrushed and sieved, the wood crusher combines both chipping and crushig in one machine. the final sawdust is very small. 

wood sawdust machinewood crusher

wood shaving machine

wood shaving machine can process diameter from 10cm to max 45cm logs or wood into shavings or flakes, the final product can be used in for the chicken farm or horse farm as bed. It can also be process kinds of dense board, waste branches, others like mushroom rods, etc. The final wood shavings thickness can be set or adjustable. we have capacity from 200kg/h to max 3000kg/h. 

wood shaving machinewood shaving equipment

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