5000MT PER Year Small Organic Fertilizer Granulation Line

Small Organic fertilizer granulation production line has different scale and productivity; here the small production line is 5000t/y output. It is a kind of dry granulation plant, which is composed of the flat die pelleting machine and polishing machine, it requires the feeding moisture is about 15% while the discharge moisture is about 8%. Its capacity is 1-5t/h, final granules size is cylindrical shape with diameter 3-10mm or round shape with diameter 2-9mm accordingly. 



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1.   Fertilizer crusher

It is used to crush or grind the organic compost fertilizer into small pieces after long fermentation. You can choose the vertical chain crusher or horizontal hammer crusher. Both of them can do the final 0.5-1mm size pieces. Vertical chain crusher is mainly used to prevent the block or cake in the fertilizer, quick beating and crushing while the hammer type is used to crush or grind the straws or other fiber materials. There is also other crusher like urea crusher, DAP fertilizer crusher, which is easy use in production and popular in the market. Capacity from 500kg/h to max 10t/h. you can tell us your materials property, we will suggest you the suitable crusher equipment.

2.   Fertilizer mixer

Fertilizer mixer has vertical type and horizontal type, used to add trace elements or water to adjust the formulation or moisture before granulation. The mixing type has ribbon shaft, paddle shaft, or screw shaft, etc. which can make full blending or mixing and turning among different materials. Unique design assures no residue or left after work, it is 3 minutes per batch, 200kg/batch to max 2000kg/batch. In this process, you can also add the color additives in advance accordingly.

3.   Fertilizer press granulator

There are two types of press granulator in fertilizer production, one is pelletizer, and the other type is granulator. Pelletizer has flat die and ring die; max output is 2t/h, same with the double roller granulator. It is low energy consumption, economical benefits and quick efforts to the owner, thus it is very common in the small organic fertilizer production line. The final granules can be oval or cylindrical, diameter from 3mm to 8mm with high strength. If you need the ball type, the next machine can help.

4.   Coloring or polishing machine

Coloring or polishing machine is worked by the high rotating disk or pan that can make the oval or cylindrical shape into ball type quickly. Meanwhile you can add some powder coloring to change or beautify the surface of the ball granules or to improve the light of the granules. Totally it will let your granules have a clean and beautiful outlook in the market. It has three types, single pan polish, double stage pan polish and three stages, the more pans, the rounder granules. But it is not suitable the very dry powder like DAP or SSP or Ammonia fertilizer, very common use in the organic fertilizer production.

5.   Power cabinet

It is used to control all the motor open or close in each machine. It is safe, efficient, and convenient. It has the automatic type with computer setting process and also the very simple switch manually. Or you can source it in local market; it is not necessary in the production line. However, it is really a good helper in the production line.

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