Organic fertilizer granulation Machine


Pin mixing Granulator is used for granulation to all kinds of organic materials after fermentation or composting, different from the conventional production. It doesn't need to dry and crush the composting even it has high humidity or moisture. It can direct make granules with fresh materials (moisture allowed about 50%). Our organic fertilizer granulation equipment can keep 100% organic contents, pure organic production without any binder when granulating. It worked by the mutual mosaic growing up under a certain force by the rotating shaft. it is composed of the thickening seamless steel tube reach 10mm, strong and stable in long service life. And no worn parts or spare parts compared to other granulation equipment. It is the best choice for your choose if you want to produce cow dung or pig manure or chicken manure fertilizer. 


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Working process of organic fertilizer granulation equipment

It adopts high speed rotating mechanical stirring force and aerodynamic force. It makes fine powdery material in the machine reach continuously mixing, rolling globularity in compact space. then reach the purpose of granulation. The shape is ball, ≥0.7 spherical degree, diameter 0.3-3mm. It can reach more than 98% granulating rate. The size of diameter of granule can be adjusted according to material moisture and spindle speed. In general, The lower the moisture, The higher the revolving speed, and the smaller the granule.

flowchart of the new type granulator in the complete plant

flow chart

the Africa clients visit and like this new granulator very much:

new granulator

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