NPK Compound Granules fertilizer production line

We can offer you the following NPK fertilizer production line from A to Z:

10,000-200,000 Tons/Year Drying & Crushing and Granulation production line

10,000-300,000 Tons/year NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

10,000-200,000 Tons/year Organic Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

10,000-200,000 Tons/Year Compost Fertilizer Granulation Production line

10,000-300,000 Tons/year Organic-Inorganic Fertilizer Granulation Production Line

12,000-13,000tons/year Potassium Sulphate Production line

10,000-200,000 Tons/year Sulphur/Polymer Coating Urea/NPK Fertilizer Production line

500-5000Liters / Batch Liquid /Foliar Fertilizer Production line

100,000 Tons/year High tower granulation production line


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NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphor, Potassium) is the essential composition of compound fertilizer which is necessary for the plants and soil. The typical process flow is: raw material is firstly fed into crusher, after crushing then reach in the mixer, after that, the raw materials are sent to the granulating machine for granulation after measurement, meanwhile, steam/water are sprayed onto the material bed for granulation. Next the granules go to dryer for moisture evaporate then to cooler to reduce the heat or temperature, after that, the material is conveyed to rotary screen, powder from the screen returns to the recycle belt conveyor, standard NPK fertilizer granules from the screen is sent to the coloring machine or the polishing machine then to final packing hopper for final package. Big size product from the screen is sent to crusher for crushing and granulating again. Dust from the dryer and cooler is sucked by blower to the scrubber area, after washing and moisture separation, the exhaust is vented from the exhaust chimney. 

NPK flowchart

work site 1

work site 2

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