Chicken manure dryer machine

chicken manure dryer is the main equipment in fertilizer production, and used for drying granulated fertilizer or raw material like poultry manure, chicken manure, etc. It can make full use of the energy and get best drying results. It is mainly made of rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device, heating parts and dust collecting system, etc. Adopting twice circulate heating system, newly developed advanced drying technology, and show the features of automatic feeding, high hot airflow speed, fully mixing of hot airflow and materials, lower dust and bigger drying capacity, 40% Moisture in the raw materials can be drying once from the inlet to outlet, which make full use of the heat value. The fuel for heating or burning in the stove can be biomass, coal, gas, methane, and oil, etc. The stove can be built at site according to our drawing or purchased from local factory or our factory directly. 


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introduction of chicken manure dryer machine

Chicken manure dryer machine is mainly used for cow dung drying, chicken manure drying, pig manure drying, distillers' solubles, etc. It also can be used in others industries, such as furniture industry, breeding industry, planting industry, building materials industries. Chicken manure dryer machine is mainly composed of heat source, scattering device, belt feeding machine, feeding machine, rotary drum, transmission parts, belt discharging machine, fan, unloader and power distribution cabinet. it has the following features:

1) High automation, high capacity, continuous running

2) Structure well and simple, material moving stable under the roller resistance and easy to operate
3) Less breakdown, low maintenance cost, low power consumption
4) The uniformity of product drying is good
5) Adopt the special break up device, ensure that the effect of the dryer is well
6) Special seal gland and good thermal insulation system will reduce the coal consumption
7) No dust spillover and good operate environment, good seal gland with dust removal plant
8) Centralized control, self-regulation, operate handily
9) Widely used, it can use others devices to break up, mix and package, finally producing bean dregs granule feed

work theory of chicken manure dryer machine

After dehydration, the wet material joining the pig manure dryer machine, and the uniform of copy board device which inside of the roller are stirring, then material will be evenly dispersed in the dryer and have a good contact with the hot air, accelerating the heat transfer and mass transfer. In the process of drying, materials be forced by copy board device and thermal medium which have some gradient, transferring to the end of the dryer and discharging the products.


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