Chicken feed pellet production line

The annual output 3000-50000 tons animal feed/food processing production line is composed of the feed mixer crusher, screw conveyor, pelleting machine, cooling machine and screening machine and final packing machine. With the replacement of steel frame over brick-concrete structure, the factory features compact structure, short construction period, less infrastructure investment. The technological process of this production line is simple and rational. It can be widely used to produce various kinds poultry feed and aquatic feed for chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, pigs, fishes, shrimp and etc. This pellet press can produce feeding for animal (3-8mm) and also process the sawdust to make wood pellet (6mm or 8mm). 


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Feature of chicken feed pellet machine, feed pellet mill plant

Decreased ingredient segregation
Decreased feed wastage
Easy storage and transportation
Improved taste and high nutrients and good digest

Reduced selective feeding
Destruction of pathogenic organisms

introduction of chicken feed pellet machine, feed pellet mill plant

complete feed pellet production line used corn wheat, soybean, rice, grain and some other biomass material as raw material to produce feed pellet, the procedure include crusher-conveyor-mixer-bucket lifiting machine-pellet machine-bucket lifiting machine-cooler-dust collector-packing machine. all the line are Semi-automatic  producing, whole line need 4-6 worker to operate. it has flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine, flat die pellet machine can produce max 2t/h while ring die pellet machine can produce max 8-10t/h. Feed pellet mill can produce you the final pellet size: diameter 3-8mm, cylindrical type. we can offer you the complete production line or you can choose the pellet mill machine only on site.

pictures of chicken feed pellet machine, feed pellet mill plant

pellet 1

pellet 2

pellet 3

pellet 4

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