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Chaff cutter

Electric/diesel chaff cutter is mainly used to cut green and dry crop straws and forage grasses 

such as corn straws and rice straws. Final cutter size is 1-3cm, better for baby cattle or animals eating.

It is a good helper for farmers raising of cattle, sheep, horses, chicken, and so on.

we have round and square baler machine for your choose. 

round baler size: diameter 550mm, length 520mm

square baler size: 300x300x150mm or 300x300x200mm.

baler machine can be also driven by tractor. 

it is better to put the chaff cutter and baler machine to work together.

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We can offer you the round baler or square baler machine. Round baler diameter is 550mm, length 520mm, while square baler size is 300x400x700 mm.

There is the film pack on the baler, which can keep the moisture and let the fresh straws/grass compost during the storage to improve the nutrition.

Our factory combined the chaff cutter and baler machine together, directly put the straws and get the final baler on site. It is high efficiency and easy operation. 

different types of chaff cutter

different types of chaff cutter

chaff cutter

round baler machine

round baler machine

baler 2

round hay baler, straw baler

square baler machine


square baler machine

baler machine can be driven by the motor or the diesel engine.

diesel square baler

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