Cement putty mortar mixer machine

Suited for ceramic, mosaic, quarry, pavers, gauged slate, porcelain and gauged stone tile, Ceramic Tile Adhesive is a high performance, professional formula adhesive with the high bond strength which is wide application in the construction field. It is produced by the following machine:Dry mortar mixing machine is designed into three layers to the spiral blades. When working, inside and outside spiral turning, Internal screw drives the material near the axis to do rotation, steering on both sides to promote mortar internal gathered together, and make the ribbon agitator maximum range of turning in cylinder body, keeping in the barrel convective circulation, shear mixing, fast mixing in a short time. It worked by seamless mixing room, greatly reduce the fine dust in the air. Feeding by the screw conveyor, it will take 3-4 minutes per batch, 100kg-3000kg per batch is popular in the market. It can be installation on the ground directly by the expansion bolts. Small space occupy and quick economical benefits, mandatory mixing and no left discharge.



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working flowchart

Manually feeding kinds of property mortar, plaster or sand ash, etc into the first screw hopper, then deliver to the mixer to batching or blending and mixing, via the second screw conveyor to the packing hopper, finally can be packed into the valve craft paper bag or the open plastic bags.

flow chart mortar 1

it is including the input conveyor, mixing machine, outlet conveyor, finished hopper and valve packing machine, and dust collecting system.

national installation site 

dry mortar site 2

mortar 3

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