Ammonia Sulphate fertilizer making machine

Ammonia sulphate fertilizr is used as a soil fertilizer, contains about 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur.  It is favored by the farmers who have the high PH soil to plants, so it is popular that more and more fertilizer manufacturer will choose to produce the ammonia fertilizer in the market. Here we introduce you the double roller granulation machine which is good at making granule ammonia fertilizer in middle or large scale.

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introduction of ammonia sulfate fertilizer making machine

Our new updated double roller granulation machine can work in room temperature, directly press the powder or small crystal materials like ammonia sulfate/chloride/phosphate, potassium chloride, ammonia bicarbonate, etc into diameter 2.5-12mm oval type, no need further drying but be strong intensity, allowing the moisture of feeding materials within 10%. It work by once granulating with less investment, lower energy consumption and good economic benefit, no waste discharge and environment friendly. the double roller press granulator can make compound fertilizer but also can make organic fertilizer granules. it is mufti-functional.

Feature of ammonia sulfate fertilizer making machine

1. directly squeeze dry powder materials into granules, belongs to dry method granulation

2. Wide adaptability of raw materials is DAP, SSP, GYPSUM, SHEEP MANURE, COW MANURE , chicken manure, pig manure, bentonite and other animal poultry manure waste and so on

Working process of ammonia sulfate fertilizer making machine

It is extrusion -slip model, its belt and pulley driven by electric motors move to the driving shaft pass through the reducer, and synchronization off the gear and the driven shaft opposite. Material from the hopper into the granulating room composed of the roller press, after the roll extrusion molding and releasing into the ball, flow into the broken screen studio, under the chain teeth crushing and the separation of the finished pieces (the ball) tablets, you get the final certain size granules. It has two main working parts:

1.squeezing and pressing part: materials are pressed into big high density and hard cake, under the squeezing pressure.

2.granulating part: the press cake is crushed and screened into small granules.

it has the following working flowchart 


the complete production line will including the following machine:

grinder--elevator--divider--roller granulator--screening machine/sifter--packing machine


our turkey clients working site:

working site

double roller granulator

TAG:  roller granulator  press granulator

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TAG:  roller granulator  press granulator
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