Wood pallet block press machine

Mainly use wood sawdust and shaving or other scrap woods and others agricultural waste like cotton seeds, shell husks as raw materials, Mixing with glue in an certain ratio, extruding wood block by hot press heating pressure. The final wood block can be used as tray and foot pier replaced log, also can be used in export package, free fumigation, and free quarantine. Wood pallet hot press machine is one of the key part of the production line, including the dryer, the gluing machine, grinder and conveyor, manual or automatic cutting machine or saw. Our pallet press machine uses hydraulic transmission, horizontal continuous out bags, speed high yield.Final block is insects prevention, and protection against termites and do not easy to burn.



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1.smooth and artistic surface, good waterproof(it should not disintegrate after 48 hours in the water,and wind, sun) the nail force strong.

2. exemption fumigation-free, formaldehyde release a quantity (E2), national standard, strength 

of 1.07 mpa, grasps the screws force vertical for 1590 N, parallel for 1660 N which is the ideal material for fumigation-free wood tray holder (feet pier, a leg).

3.Normally take 2-5 people for the production line

4.Complete line includes the wood sawdust machine, dryer, gluing machine and pallet making machine.

waste wood processing flowchart

flowchart wood

wood pallet block making machine

wood pallet machine

wood block making machine

wood notcher

glue mixer

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