Scrap copper wire recycling equipment

Scrap copper wire recycling machine is an Eco-friendly solution, no dust and no secondary pollution. it is a dry method to separate the copper from wire or cable. it is composed of the cable or wire cutter crusher, conveyor, air separation, dust collector, vibrating screen, and power cabinet. The complete unit machine can separate more than 99.5% copper granules with diameter about 0.2mm. It applies for all types of cables(diameter less than 30mm), such as: communication cable, flower wire, fire lines, bus lines, single-branch, wool silk lines, miscellaneous cables, automotive cables, with high recovery rate, easy operation and auto control system. It is compact structure and easy operation.

our scrap copper wire recycling machine is known as the waste wire and cable recycling equipment, it is used to recycle scrap wire and cable, which can realize separation of copper and plastic.


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Feature of copper wire recycling equipment machine

1. Diameter Range of Wires Processed: 0.5-30mm.

2. Purity of Granules: 99.5%. 

3. Mounted on common steel base for easy portability. 

4. Easy to move, place and install.

5. Environment-friendly with dust collection system.

6. No water is needed for the processing.

7. automatic grinding, feeding, aspiration and separation. 

8. one worker can operate the machine

pictures of copper wire recycling equipment machine

copper wire 1

copper wire 2

copper wire 3

wire 4

wire 5

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