Food waste fertilizer processing equipment

Food or life waste to be a waste material, which we can recycle it into a green fertilizer. We should know that food is from our soil and we can return them better to our soil after our further processing and recycling. Food or life waste is almost 100% organic materials, it has high value or nutrition if mixing with other waste like agricultural straws or crops, poultry or human manure or humic acid powder, etc. The waste food can't be directly used to as fertilizer, it need to further composting or fermentation to improve the good germs for our soil. Here we introduce you two type food fertilizer recycling or processing equipment. 


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introduction bio organic fertilizer Compost turner

Compost turner has different types, driven by motor or tractor. It can help to blend and mix the waste organic materials to fully face the oxygen in the high pile hill, belongs to the aerobic fermentation. During the turning and blending process, there will be natural smell, if you want to control or reduce the smell, you can use the additives to remove the smell quickly. Using the compost turner, it is efficient and effective for the fertilizer production. We have turning width 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 6m, 10m and 12m composting equipment for your choose. 

compost turner machine can be used in many occassions, and it has shredding function after the fermentation of materials. The overall structure has good rigidness and reliable performance.

It can be used with solar fermentation, fermentation tank and mobile machine, etc. The mobile machine can realize more slot machine used one turner machine. Fermented tank can realize material be a continuous discharge and bulk discharge. Compost typically needs to be turned every few weeks, depending on the rate of decomposition in a compost pile, and some people amend their compost with waste straw when they turn it, using the straw to create additional air pockets for the bacteria.

feature of bio organic fertilizer compost turner

1)Centralized control cabinet, can achieve the manual or automatic control function

2)Hydraulic clutch with 10000 hours continual operation

3)Equipped with soft starter, start-up impact load is low

4)Equipped with a pull out tooth hydraulic lifting system

5)Limit travel switch, play the role of safe and limit

compost turner 1

compost turner 2

compost turner 3

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turner 5

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